According to Buddha’s teachings, Desire, greed or lust give you the sorrow, suffering or woe. But how desire leads you to the sufferings? Let’s clear this. Think you saw a Bugatti car, $3.4 million worthies. Now in your thoughts, you have a desire on it. The desire to buy that car, how good if I can drive that car with my family, like this now you are dreaming a lot of things. Now you have already attached to the car. Now you think if you can be the owner of it you will be happy. The important thing is now you have become sorrow with these thoughts. Because now you want to buy a car. But you don’t have money. Now you are thinking that how can I buy this car? I don’t have money. You are suffering now. See how you make suffering your self by thinking about physical midden things. But you don’t feel this sorrow much because you are thinking that if you achieve this goal there will be happiness. Now you are trying earning money, do part-time jobs, collect money, tiring in working to achieve your goal. To buy a Bugatti car, when you are working, doing jobs, working on part times, not sleeping sufficiently, Are you happy? See you are suffering. By going backward, ask yourself you were in happiness. Then you desired to a car. Now you are unhappy. However, let’s think you earned much money and buy that car. Now are feeling happy. here is the point. you are feeling happy now not because of buying that car but you have loosened the sorrow of being free of trying earning money, working part times and tiring to buy it. If you understand it, you will feel that you have artificially made sorrow and you are getting happiness by getting free of them by yourself. Now see you are the one cause sorrow in your mind and also lose them. You do both. OK. now you are an owner of a Bugatti. Now you are trying to maintain are trying to keep it as it is. you are washing the car, applying for insurances, servicing, etc. Like this, you are again suffering to maintain the car. Think if someone spoliates or rob it or if it crashed by accident or vanished because of any reason, How do you feel? Are you happy now? Guys, understand. All the sorrowfulness are the things that you made is made by yourself. So you can escape from sorrow by not attaching them.

How to escape from attachments which made you sorrow?

Don’t give much value to them. When you are feeling the desire of something, understand that all are vanishing. You can’t keep them as it was. They are always vanishing, destroying. So use physical things without keeping so many expectations on it. Buy a Bugatti car. but knowing it can vanish. You can’t keep it as you think forever. Don’t think so much and don’t make you feel sorrow any time at all. Try to free your mind by letting go. This is a practical thing that you have to use in your day to day life. When you are doing this, you will feel that you are becoming happier and happier than you lived before.